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 English Forum Rules


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: 27/02/2008

: English Forum Rules    21, 2008 11:57 am

Hi every one and welcome to the English forum . In here, we are going to use our English,, thoughts, ideas
and experiences too.

We are going to try our best to make our forum even better. But first, we have to let every one knows about the rules
that we have to follow and to clarify them too.

Here some rules to be followed when you are posting your topics :

* Your topic must not be repeated; otherwise we will removed to the Archive .

* You should not post more than 2 topics daily; otherwise they going to be deleted.

* You should not type in capital letters, unless for a word or sentence.

* You should not write personal topics about a specific person, or any attempt to discredit one's competitor, opponent, etc., by malicious or scandalous attacks is forbidden

And here some rules to be followed when yo are posting your replies :

* Slang language is forbidden .

* No personal insults, racial slurs and swearing .

* Do not raise old topics, that exceeds 10 days after its last reply; otherwise they will be deleted.

A word for the English forum members

Topics and Replies reflect its author personality, so be a good role model for your mates that might follow your way

If there is any note about the forum's work flow do not hesitate to report us
Honey & Nobody at all & MarMalicios

We hope that we are all going to like it in here and remember that we are all like one family and sisters best of luck to you all dears

.::English Forum Supervisor::.



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: 30/04/2008

: : English Forum Rules    22, 2008 5:57 am

English Forum Rules
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